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Until Next Time....

~Sunday, August 15, 2021~

Day 427 (Travel Day)

We are so happy that we got to spend time with our family, once again. During these last 14 months or so, there has been a bit of guilt or regret that we are not seeing our loved ones as much as we would like. But, we also know that this trip needed to happen. Anyone who really knows us, understands this. We just wish it didn’t come at the expense of not seeing our loved ones on a more regular basis. And those grandchildren…..they’re changing way too quickly, so we ask that you please slow down until we return to our “normal” lives.

It was so great to catch up on everything….hearing about Hannah and Devin’s plans, having dinners together, Hannah

and I having some girl time, and of course relishing in the little moments with our grandson, Carson. What a love! Always happy (well, almost always), smart and curious. We just wish we could have seen Easton too, as he is back in California with his dad. Hope to see them all again very soon.

We had another long drive today (400 miles) as we headed to the Amish area of Millersburg, Ohio (near Berlin). We’ve got a very nice campsite at Scenic Hills RV Park. We’re slowly making our way towards the East Coast to meet up with our son Shane, near Niagara Falls.

We miscalculated our drive today by 100 miles, originally thinking it was around 300. We had a lot of highway driving, with a few detours along the way, due to construction. Drove through Ohio’s state capital of Columbus. Jeff drove the entire way, with only a few stops to stretch our legs and let Sadie get some running in. The day turned into night, and must say, it felt so strange and unfamiliar to be towing in the dark (even though I wasn’t driving). It’s been months since we’ve towed in the dark. Highway driving in the dark is one thing. But driving on unfamiliar back country roads for a few hours with very few street lights is a little nerve racking. I also worry about the possibility of wild animals darting out in front of us, especially when towing. Have read a few stories lately of fellow RVer’s who either had extensive damage to their vehicles and/or got in bad accidents from it. So we were both on high alert and drove S-L-O-W.

As we got close to our destination, it appeared that we were driving through the heart of Amish country where we saw a few horse-drawn buggies parked on the side of the road. We finally arrived around 10:30 p.m. I had phoned the resort earlier in the day to give them a heads up about our late check-in and they instructed us to grab a map when we arrived to find our site location. Everything went smoothly. Our site was a breeze to back into, though it took a lot for me to direct Jeff quietly, so as not to wake our neighbors. We managed to get everything set up in about an hour. While taking Sadie on her final walk of the day, we noticed a large pile of “free” firewood only steps from our campsite. It appears to be real nice hardwood and leftover cuttings from wood making projects….perhaps from a few Amish furniture shops.

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