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Roadside         Assistance.....



Free fuel & delivery, 4 annual service calls, jump starts, tire replacement, up to 100 mile towing, $350 per person trip interruption


Unlimited towing, emergency fuel, fluids, tire replacement/repair, battery boost, locksmith services, and 24/7 assistance hotline

Good Sam

Unlimited towing, full family coverage, flat tire repair/replacement, battery jumpstarts, locksmith services, delivery of up to 5 gallons fuel/fluids

We can speak from first-hand experience, that Coach-Net was awesome to work with (see my blog post on July 18, Day 34). We not only had to have our broken down NEW truck towed (failed transmission), but the trailer had to come along for the ride as well. We were put in touch with a roadside rep in about 10 minutes, with the tow truck arriving in 1-1/2 hrs. Believe me, we've heard horror stories of fellow travelers not getting rescued for 3 to 5 hours. The payment process was a little wonky at the end, since Coach-Net did not originally factor in port to port for the tow truck service.  But without the roadside plan, the 50-mile tow for both the truck and trailer would have been $580, and we didn't pay a dime. The plan cost... $150.  You just need to put a value on what piece of mind gives you. Just do your homework and know what it does/doesn't include.

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