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Cheers from the road, as we've been making new footprints 👣 in our lives for about 3 years now. We've missed our family and friends tremendously, and are thrilled to have had the opportunity to reunite on the road, on a few occasions. We've also enjoyed making new friends along the way, which is not very hard considering how tight-knit and supportive of a group full-time RVer's are. For those we have yet to meet, we'd like to introduce ourselves. I’m Inger (nickname-Ing)(blogger, photographer, RV driver (1st choice), RV backup director (2nd choice), nester and decorator, and part-time chef, control freak, social butterfly and loving wife, mother of 2, and grandmother of 2. My husband Jeff (Expert planner/organizer, Excel Spreadsheet king (what would we do without these things), RV driver (2nd choice), RV backup

director (1st choice), handy dandy handy-man, awesome part-time chef, constant thinker, more reserved, and loving husband, father of 2, and grandfather (papa) of 2. And last but not least, our beloved "third child" Sadie-a sweet, energetic, 8-year old lab. Though she misses her backyard paradise in Napa, CA, she has eagerly embraced each new site that offers new smells, and a whole new playground waiting to be explored. 

"We're Doin' This Thing!"

After living in beautiful Napa, CA for 26 years, where we raised our two wonderful children, it became apparent that we just needed a break. Between Jeff owning a caststone concrete business for nearly 30 years, and me running my piano home studio for 16 years (miss my wonderful students!!!🎵), we decided it was time to embark on a new path, one with less stress and fewer responsibilities that would allow us to enjoy and appreciate the simpler things in life. We just felt like we were missing our sense of adventure over the years, due to all the pressures we had put on ourselves…...keeping up our home, keeping up the cars, keeping the businesses going, and mainly keeping up with the high cost of living in California. We crunched our numbers of what the costs would be to full-time RV for at least one year, and decided it was definitely doable. We just had to be willing to let go and accept change. So we sold our home, the cars, ended our businesses, put our stuff in storage AND as of June 2020, we hit the road in our 200 square foot roaming pad, to explore new states, experience new things, and continue to learn about what's in our "own backyard". As a result, we're hoping the next thing, the next place we are meant to be, will manifest itself, and tell us where our new roots should be. Change is good.

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