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Friendly Tips.....

Watch RV load limits

Buy RV memberships before buying your equipment since many of them offer retailer discounts

Pay attention to container size when buying groceries and toiletries for your smaller RV fridge

Big rig trucks are a good way to gauge safe places to pull over, to get gas, or simply to rest

Allow more driving time, especially when towing

Watch the time of day you're moving to your next stop, to avoid commute times

Bring tools and spare parts

Practice setting up in the dark

Use a portable space heater to aid your propane sucking heater

Have a backup road atlas. You won't always be connected to the www!

Space Saver Bags are awesome for optimizing space. Refrain from buying the knockoff brands

On muddy days, keep a handy tub of water and towel outside your RV entrance, especially for furry friends

Don't travel with full tanks

It's not about arriving somewhere fast, but arriving somewhere safely

Act like a clueless newbie when setting up if you want to quickly know your camping neighbors

Be open to boondocking to save money

Wherever you book your first stay, make sure it's a place you can practice backing up and get to know your rig-like RV parks

Appreciate the little things in life and you might appreciate your tinier space more

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