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Holiday in Illinois

Synopsis of Our Illinois Visit

December 1st thru December 10th, 2022

Days 900 to 910

Though we still had work to do at my mom’s, we had planned a while back, to take a break and spend some much needed time with our grandchildren, and Hannah and Devin in Illinois for the Holidays. Unbeknownst to Hannah, Shane joined us on the flight out there to give his big sis a BIG surprise. And was she ever. We were so caught up in the moment, I failed to capture her reaction on camera. But trust me, it was a beautiful moment. It had been at least 2 years since they had seen each other and it would be the first time for him to meet his 2nd nephew Carson (now 2). Uncle Shane thoroughly enjoyed playing the “fun uncle” to his 2 nephews the 8 days we were there.

My mom was nice enough to take care of Sadie while we were gone (in fact a little spoiled I’d say). We couldn’t have asked for better flying weather and only had one really cold day once we were there……Christmas tree hunting day.

Moving tree lot to tree lot, it took a while, but we finally found THE perfect tree and a special one at that being that it was Hannah & Devin’s first Christmas in their new home (their first home purchase). Carson and Easton

were excellent helpers in setting up the tree. Plus, it was quite the learning experience for Devin as he got a crash course in exterior illumination.

What a great time we had helping decorate, baking Christmas cookies, reading bedtime stories, and playing games. Nothing beats witnessing a grandchild’s amazement, wonder, curiosity and innocence in their world. Sorry for the lengthy video below, but there were so many special moments.....

Seeing the Holidays through their eyes was certainly special. We were even treated to visiting Easton’s preschool, meeting his teacher and seeing all the fun activities they do on a day to day basis. He just loves school!

But the biggest highpoint of our visit with them……..wait for it!!, wait for it!!!.........finding out Hannah and Devin are expecting another little one!! Wow, what news. We’re so excited for them and us. A third grandchild.

Though a boy would be wonderful, they’re really hoping for a girl to have the experience of raising a daughter as well. The boys are SO excited to have another sibling. We were also fortunate to visit one of Hannah’s ultrasound appointments to get a glimpse of baby List. Amazing images!! They do plan on finding out the sex of the baby on Christmas Day as they plan on opening that special envelope and sharing the news with all of us. Wishing Hannah a healthy pregnancy until her due date of June 22nd. 🐣 What a great, full visit!

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