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Hank & Billie Jean Having Hiccups

~Monday, April 12, 2021~

Day 302

The start of the day was getting “Hank” into the Champaign Ford dealership to have the driver’s side lock cylinder repaired. Nice that our insurance covers a rental vehicle for free, so Enterprise met us at the dealership with a nice SUV rental. Hopefully, the truck will be ready tomorrow.

While I went over to Devin & Hannah’s to visit and help them with a few things, Jeff stayed back at the campsite to work on installing the new shower door. Basically in an RV, you either have accordian shower doors, glass, or vinyl sliders. Ours is a vinyl slider that has gotten moldy at the base with full time use. It’s a very poor design with the flap at the base, folded inward and stitched in place. The problem is that water gets trapped inside the flap, causing unsightly mildew which is unreachable to clean. After a few phone calls, we were able to get the shower door company to send us a free replacement which we had mailed to Hannah’s a week ago. Nice customer service! Thankfully, Jeff had enough clearance between the top frame of the shower to the ceiling to slightly curve the door into its track, without having to remove and re-caulk the entire enclosure, saving time and preventing less hassle.

Since our plans so far are to leave Wednesday morning, with nothing booked immediately following Illinois, we needed to book our next camp spot somewhere between here and The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Kentucky. We were trying to leave a weeklong cushion while in Illinois, not knowing exactly how long all of the truck stuff was going to take. We were able to get into a state campground in Bardstown, KY, called My Old Kentucky Home State Park. It’s also the perfect spot to see quite a few attractions for the 5 days that we’ll be there. Our first choice would have been Taylorsville, but that campground was full (understandable with how nice it is). Since we’ll be circling back to Kentucky in June for a more concentrated amount of time, we wanted to book the Taylorsville campground NOW before all of those spots are taken! With 5 spots left, we’re in!!

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