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Precious Moments

~Friday, April 9, 2021~

Day 299

Hard to believe we’re almost at day 300. Everyday is an adventure whether we’re seeing new places or dealing with RV issues. Whatever’s come our way has been nothing short of amazing. Learning and living…...the name of the game.

Jeff spent most of his day tending to a few parts that needed ordering and spent time fixing the stove. The front burner on the stove as of late, has not been igniting with the starter and one of the back burners has been loose and not working at all. With all of the shaking that occurs on the road, it’s no surprise that things eventually become loose; especially with the miles we have put on the past 9 months. What Jeff found was that the screws had been stripped on the back burner, so it looks like we’ll have to order a new burner. The front burner igniter wire had completely been disconnected so he reconnected that. And while the stove was up, low and behold we found the missing grommets that hold the grate snug in place. I guess I didn’t need to order those missing parts. Oh well…..always good to have backups.

I tended to finishing our laundry at Hannah and Devin’s place, with my little laundry assistant. Easton had fun helping me match socks and sorting colors!! I need his help more often. Believe me, we are relishing every moment being with our family.

Devin’s brother was playing in a varsity football game, so while he attended that, Hannah and the kids came over for a pork tenderloin dinner and campfire. Of course, Easton thinks the trailer is like a fort and can’t wait to check out every knob, lever and gadget on the rig. Fun, fun!

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