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Perfect Timing

Saturday, May 13, 2023 (Travel Day) out of sequence

Final Resting Day for the trailer to Troutville, VA

I'm sure you'll appreciate a shorter post after the last one 😉 Our last sleep in the trailer for a while. It’s amazing to think about this whole chapter winding down. As much as I’m ready for the next thing, I’m sad to be saying goodbye to road tripping full-time. Who thought such a small space would be comfortably considered “home”? As we wrap our heads around being homeowners again, questions will creep in I’m sure……Did we do the right thing moving across the country? Did we buy the right house? Are we in way over our heads in terms of buying this type of property? Hopefully, full on buyer’s remorse will not rear its ugly head. But it’s an adventure. A different type, but an adventure all the same. There’s a quote that I love by American author Neale Donald Walsh…..

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

I’d say we’ve certainly experienced that over the last 3 years. There've been no regrets so far but a celebration of trying out some new things. We’re never too old for that are we? So here we go, not knowing how things will unfold.

While we were in escrow, things were aligning perfectly. Since the sellers weren’t even at the property, they allowed us to park the trailer there while we drove to Illinois to help out Hannah and Devin with the boys, awaiting the birth of our first granddaughter. Leaving the trailer unoccupied for a month meant having to remove anything that remotely smelled like food. We certainly didn’t want to come back to forest critters making themselves at home in the trailer. I must say it was a bit strange knowing that the next time we’d be back at the property, that it would be completely ours.

It was a lot of driving being that we had 4 hours to the new property from Asheville, NC, then from the property to an overnight stay in Beaver, WV to break up the 11-hour drive to Hannah’s. The timing of everything couldn’t have been better. We arrived at Hannah's a few days later, with plenty of time to spare before Sofia Monroe List’s beautiful and healthy arrival on May 30th (I’ve already posted about that incredible visit). Wow, what a year, right? Our move, my mom’s move to Oregon, and a new grandchild. This one is certainly for the books!!

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