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Are We Lost?

~Tuesday, June 1, 2021~

Day 352 (Travel Day)

We have new FootprintsOnWheels subscribers….Steve and Diane (our next door neighbors during our stay in Staunton, VA). Super nice couple. Hope to cross paths again one day. They’re traveling open-ended looking for their new roots as well. We really enjoyed our time in Virginia (my number 1 choice for moving) with North Carolina, a very close 2nd.

Really looking forward to seeing my cousin in Knoxville, TN. It’s been too long. Hopefully we’ll have time at both her place and our lakeside digs during our visit. Along the way, which was pretty easy highway miles, just after we crossed into Tennessee, we kept hearing this strange high pitched noise. We thought it was coming from the trailer, but then it dawned on Jeff that what we were hearing were Cicadas. Periodical Cicadas spend 17 years underground feeding on tree sap. At this time of year, billions of cicada nymphs emerge from the earth and take to treetops, and they’re not just here. They call 15 states their home across the East Coast and the Midwest.

The drive was beautiful and only got more scenic once we exited the road to get to our campground. Turning on the main road was a little dicey. We kept questioning if we had missed a turn or were going down the wrong road. There was a very sharp turn to get on the main road leading us 2 miles in. Luckily our rig fit the turn. We later found out from our camp host Lisa, that the owner of a 40-foot 5th wheel wasn’t quite so lucky about a week ago. Apparently his tires ended up in the ditch and spent 8 hours with a semi-tow truck trying to get out. There is an alternative route to come in, which we obviously did not know about (the fine print I guess), but that route avoids that sharp turn. Anyway, we made it to our campground at Loyston Point and were greeted by our camphosts Lisa and her husband Bobby (they were waiting for us late arrivals). They handed over the map, told us about the area, and apologized for the dump station being out of order, where they are offering a free pump out service upon departure. Instead of water spigots at each site for your hookup, they run hoses site to site (with filters). Not sure if this is the norm or a temporary solution.

As we came over the crest of the hill, Lake Norris laid before us. We were simply stunned with the beauty of this campground. And even better, we’re nearly right on the lake….just 2 campsites in from the water’s edge. Lake Norris has been designated the cleanest lake in Tennessee.

Loyston Point, set in the foothills of the Appalachian Chain, includes a day use area and cabins which were developed by the Tennessee Valley Authority and is currently operated by Recreation Resource Management.

It took us about 20 minutes to get everything just right….the price you have to pay I guess for great views. But looking around, it appeared that we had one of the most difficult sites to get into due to the side slope (toward they lake). To level out would have exhausted all of our leveling blocks and we have (3) 10-pack sets. So we tried a different way on the same site, moving up the hill just a foot or so to be in a little more of a level spot. Bingo! It’s kind of hilarious though how sloped our steps are to get into the trailer. The extension on them is completely maxed out. It is what it is. After setting up we took a walk around, and let Sadie play in the lake to her heart’s content. The evening was a perfect temperature where we could soak in the sites and the sounds, the sounds of the amphibious kind. Around the corner from our campsite is a little pond with other campsites around it and the perfect hangout spot for frogs. I’ve never heard frogs that loud. Amazing. We even saw a firefly or two. It also looks like they’ve maxed out the height of the lake for the summer season. Makes sense.

We are so excited to be seeing my cousin Sharon tomorrow. It looks like some chill time by the lake, a few games of cornhole and some brewskies will be in order during our stay. Just wish we were staying longer at this beautiful site.

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