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No More Shots!

~Saturday, February 5, 2022~

Day 601

Ugh, won’t someone please put me out of my misery?! Between hearing and feeling the trailer rattle all night with sustained winds of 20 mph and my bouts of exhaustion, nausea, body aches, chills and a headache, it wasn’t a very pleasant night. I didn’t think, or I guess I hoped that since I already got COVID, that the third vaccine wouldn’t be so bad. It was. The worst part was the chills. Gosh, a bathtub sure would have been useful at that moment 🛀. Instead, Jeff set up the portable heater in our bedroom, closing the pocket door until the temps got favorable enough for me to fall asleep. The funny thing about it is the side effects were worse this go around, but weren’t drawn out like before. I was feeling better by mid afternoon, thanks to a day of rest.

Back to the winds. I’m sure most of the campground was up last night, as no one could sleep through that. In fact, it caused our TV antenna to fall to the ground and severed the wires in the process. Mind you, the antenna was in a temporary “fix” until Jeff installed the new unit which we’ve been carrying around for some time (I think it’s one of those dreaded projects). I think being able to watch the Olympics will be a good motivator.

While I rested, working on my cross-stitch project, Jeff and Sadie took off for a 2-hour hike on one of the desert trails behind our campground (there are dozens to choose from which is the large appeal of this RV park). After several encounters with unfriendly desert plants, Sadie is much more cautious of her surroundings now, including sniffing where she shouldn’t be. You never know what scorpion or snake could be lurking in those shady spots. But these trails are not well-suited for our pup’s paws with their rocky/sandy soil. We’ve tried booties on her before, but she’s not a good customer. She HATES them! Needless to say, Sadie was slowing down on her way back, mind you not from a lack of energy. If it was a grassy or forested area, she’d be going full-throttle ‘til sundown.

Another amazing dinner thanks to my talented hubby and Instagram……Tuscan Salmon (or should we call it Tucson Salmon?) Jeff had never removed skin from salmon before or at least successfully. Thanks to Tyler Florence’s video, we now know the trick. With the skin down on a cutting board and a very sharp knife, at the thinnest part of the salmon, make an “x” and then a straight cut across, only about a ½” in from the end, cutting away a little bit of flesh so you can grab onto the skin. Then take your knife, starting back and forth until you can cut smoothly through. If you have a very sharp knife, this is possible. It turned out beautifully in a butter, garlic, onion, wine, sun-dried tomato, and spinach cream sauce. And the sauce did not dominate the fish. Oh my, it was delicious. One for the binder! Let us know if you’d like us to forward you the recipe!

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