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History and Cycling

~Saturday, May 15, 2021~

Day 335

Letting the weather be our guide, we decided to let Saturday be an exploring day by bike. One of the most scenic trails is the Virginia Capital Trail where we can hop right on, next to our campground. The trail from our campground is at mile marker 7, with mile marker 0 in Jamestown, which is where we’re headed. The entire trail, at 51.7 miles, crosses four counties between Jamestown and Richmond, Virginia.

With Spring in the air, the forests dense and the smells delicious of honeysuckle, roses, and evergreens, it was the perfect time to be on this trail. The scenery was glorious.

And it was quite something to be riding through so much history. Along the way, there are occasional historical markers with reference to an area’s significance. One spot in particular, was an enormous property which now looked like someone’s personal ranch. The area is called Green Spring Road which originally was a high trafficked route to transport goods and send communication for other settlements. It was in this open field that we were looking on, that a battle was fought, during the Revolutionary War, between 5,000 British troops and the 800 outnumbered Americans. I think you can figure out who was the victor of that one.

Another highlight about half-way to Jamestown was an area called Governor’s Land.

Back in 1618, the Virginia Company asked their Governor George Yeardley to set aside 3,000 acres for tenants to settle and work. Remember, the colonists had no idea just how harsh the conditions would be. Truly unbearable , residents finally, in 1925, petitioned to leave due to the swampy, rotting conditions. Enduring this for even 7 years is quite something. Again, you just stand there in awe, knowing what took place in a land that now looks so beautiful, peaceful and serene.

When we arrived at mile marker 0, we found the perfect spot in front of the Jamestown Settlement building to have some munchies and rest. Such a beautiful day. The Jamestown Settlement was about to close when we arrived (around 4:30), so we’ll have to wait on that one until tomorrow. But directly across from there, we stumbled on a brewery tucked back a little ways from the bike trail. And after a 7-miler, quenching thirst is always a top priority. With everyone socially distanced on a huge piece of property, it appeared to be quite the hangout. The Billsburg Brewery overlooking the James City County Marina,

has plenty for all to enjoy with its many picnic tables, deck seating, food trucks, live music and plenty of room for fido to run around. It is just one of the 6 breweries on the Williamsburg Tasting Trail. This trail, established in 2017, also includes a few wineries, distilleries and meaderies. Now you don’t hear about meaderies very often, but it is an up and coming beverage (also known as honey wine). Crafted with different honey varietals, fruit, spices and more, it does sound intriguing.

Back before dark to the campsite, we spent most of our evening enjoying the lovely temps outside the trailer, planning more of our southerly route in November.

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