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Easter and a Birthday All In One

~Sunday, April 4, 2021~

Day 294

Happy Easter everyone! And what a beautiful day in Illinois it is. We are so grateful we get to spend the day with our family here, but we are also missing the ones we cannot see today… sister and her family, my mother, and our son. Even though they’re just a phone call away, it’s not the same. Much love and hugs to them!

When we woke up, we went straight into cooking mode, as I still had the appetizer to put together and Jeff had the corn muffins to make. We finally got to Devin and Hannah’s early afternoon. We didn’t feel comfortable bringing Sadie since their dog Ella is still a puppy and thought it would just be too chaotic to add another dog in the mix. It was our first time meeting Devin’s parents and siblings, so it was great getting to share the day with them as well. Even though it was Carson’s first birthday, Easton thought every wrapped present was for him but settled on showing Carson how present opening is done. And when it came time for the cupcake and the “Happy Birthday” song, Carson did great until the lit candle was in front of him. Was it the singing or the flame? We’ll never know. But one thing is for sure.....he loves cake!!!

Unfortunately, we got so busy doing other things, that Jeff’s chili, which was warming on the stove, had the temperature set too high and ended up getting a bit burned on the bottom. Thankfully, it was salvageable. With all that work and the fact it was the main dish at the party, we averted disaster.

Then….the egg hunt. It was the cutest thing watching Carson and Easton

getting a ride in the wagon searching for the eggs and candy. The Easter Bunny was generous and Easton found them all! With all of the excitement, those 2 little ones were beyond exhausted and ready for nap time. I’m sure Grandpa would have joined them.

Before heading back to the campsite, we loaded the truck with our “presents”....things we ordered the last few weeks to be delivered to Hannah and Devin’s for us while on the road. So far, between my mom and Hannah, getting mail to us has not been too difficult. Tomorrow morning we’re getting up early to pick up Hannah’s car which we need to borrow for a few days while the truck is getting it’s 30,000 mile check up along with a fuel filter and oil change, but mainly to inspect and fix whatever is wrong with our 4-wheel drive. We’re hoping it’s a minor thing of course. So stay tuned.

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