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What are Tracks?

~Thursday, June 18, 2020~

Day 4

Started the day with a walk with my faithful companion Sadie. She’s a little out of sorts, wondering when we’re going to return to our Napa abode, I’m sure. It’s also been torture for her not being able to swim in the ocean or run on the beach. We do our best with her, giving her a good 30 minute walk in the morning and evening where the ocean is still visible. She’s definitely being a trooper.

Hannah met me at Target at 2:30 or so to purchase some much needed items for the trailer. Due to COVID, there is still a low inventory on a lot of items. We were there for 2 hours since it was difficult to find everything, then Hannah needed to head back to Devin and Easton. I went over to Trader Joe’s for a few provisions and didn’t get back until 6:30. Jeff had already made most of the dinner which tonight was Taco Thursday. The kids later met us at the campsite, where we walked to the beach and played for an hour or so.

Easton also got a treat of watching the marines drive their amphibious tanks called "tracks" out to the beach for a little night training. There must have been at least 12 of them. Don’t see those everyday. We’ve got a “million dollar view” and a front row seat to see some of the marines in action. Really fun evening.

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