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It's the Most Wonderful Time....

Back to El Dorado Hills (a synopsis)

December 11th thru December 27th, 2022

Days 911 to 927

When we returned to El Dorado Hills, we had a weekend planned to be with Jeff’s brother and sister-in-law in Manteca. It’s nice to see Ken and Birdie carry on the family tradition of a fondue dinner during the Holidays, bringing friends and family together. It was a stormy day, but a great celebration. And the fondue was delicious!

Getting back to my mom’s, we were on our final day of sifting and purging her belongings when I realized I lost a set of keys…..the set with our trailer keys, storage unit keys and expensive fob for the truck. We have another set of keys but not with everything on it. I had remembered that I laid them on the bumper of the truck earlier in the day while I was loading things in it. It was when Jeff returned from the 2-mile drive to the hardware store that I realized the keys were missing. Jeff’s reaction….silent with a walk at dusk the exact same route he had driven earlier in the day. I followed suit in my mom’s car to see if I could spot anything shiny in the middle of the road or my husband’s elation in having found them. We met up at the hardware store, popped into a few shops nearby to see if anyone had turned them in. Nothing. With our efforts exhausted and heads hung low, we thought that was it, until……..Jeff looked through the garage one last time and found them on top of my mom’s dining hutch we had stored inside the garage, just behind the garage door. With all the chaos of the day, I had forgotten that I had taken them off the bumper and placed them on the furniture. Jeff to the rescue, AGAIN!!

When Christmas Day arrived, we had a fun morning making beignets for the neighbors and ourselves; a great accompaniment to our traditional breakfast of Eggs Shirley and mimosas, followed by exchanging gifts.

It was nice not having to be anywhere else but home that day. It would also be the day that we found out some exciting news…..Hannah and Devin are in fact having a GIRL!!! 🎀 We’re so excited!! They’ve already been asking for name suggestions and so far, Sofia and Olivia are the front runners. Hopefully next Christmas we’ll all be together for baby List’s first Christmas…..maybe at our NEW HOME! 🏘️ Christmas dinner

was prime rib, twice baked potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding and roasted vegetables topped with Burrata (a form of fresh mozzarella). Deeeelicious!

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