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Things Are Happening

~Monday, August 3, 2020~

Day 50 (Travel Day)

How fast the weekend went by (oh wait….everyday is like a weekend right now, except when you don’t have your truck!) It was a short, but great visit with mom. I was anxious to also see the progress of the backyard plantings we had done in the Spring, with most looking great, and some looking a little parched. It just gets so hot here. So Jeff increased the irrigation on a few of the zones, so that should help. Mom’s doing great and happy to be back with her volunteer duties at the Assistance League and connecting with people, once again since Covid began. We said our goodbyes until next time, hoping mom can meet up with us somewhere down the road, like Florida.

Omar from the Ford Service Dept. phoned us mid afternoon to say that they were working on the transmission installation with it likely being ready tomorrow. We were booked through Tuesday at the RV park, so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see where things stand as to whether we want to leave Bakersfield tomorrow or Wednesday.

After being away since Saturday, the trailer was not a happy camper heating up to the high 90’s inside. Everything looked the same as we left it, and noticed quite a few new arrivals. Stay tuned for more truck drama tomorrow.

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