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The Land of Saguaros

~Wednesday, November 25, 2020~

Day 164 (Travel Day)

I think our trailer and truck are saying ‘please make up your mind’ as we go from below freezing temperatures to running the A/C in the truck on our way to Tucson. The realities of nomadic living. As we moved on from Flagstaff, our first mission was to find the Speedy gas station we had plugged into our navigation. With 4 or 5 to choose from, we had trouble finding the right one. The first one was too small for our rig to get in, so thankfully the second fit the bill, but barely. Again, a little tight getting in. We usually like to flush the system but when we have someone waiting behind us, we leave that little detail out. Ok…..moving on (I’m sure you’re happy about that).

Did you know that the only reason we’re going to Tucson is to see a unique and prominent feature…...the Saguaro Cactus. Oh, and then there are the 20 miles of donkey crossing warnings. You don’t see that everyday do ya? Well, maybe these aren’t the only reasons, but we were so excited once we saw those amazing cactus. I simply can’t wait to photograph them.

After 250 miles and a few stops to stretch and let Sadie run around, we eventually arrived at Justin’s Diamond J RV Resort. We didn’t arrive until dark (I hate that it is getting dark so early). But boy, did we have the welcoming committee! Within minutes, while parking, we must have looked confused as 2 of our neighbors, Ann and Gayle, asked if we had lost something. If they would just have arrows on the numbered signs to tell you what side is what, you’d know exactly where your spot is. We’re in the middle of the RV park where sites are staggered, not butted up behind one another. So it was a little confusing, especially in the dark. Anyway, had a nice chat with our neighbors Gayle and Ann. Gayle is an 83 chipper old-man from Nebraska thinking about becoming a full-time RV’er traveling to see his son, and Ann, is a newbie to RV’ing, recently retired from UPS. While we decided to divide and conquer, Jeff stayed back to set up, and I left to search for the perfect SMALL turkey and all of the fixings. Yes, yes, I know. Last minute. But we don’t have enough space to store all the goods. On my way out, another very nice neighbor, Sharon, asked if we needed anything. They are also full-timers and spend the majority of their winters in Tucson. She definitely knows the area like the back of her hand as she gave me the best places to shop, this last minute. The suggestion...Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, only about 15 minutes away. Since many people are not getting together for this Thanksgiving due to the pandemic, they would be looking for smaller turkeys, so the chances were next to nil that I would find one that small. I guess it was meant to be. There was one small 10 lb. turkey left, surrounded by 20 pounders. Whew! Now I could relax. I found everything on my list except green beans and bubbly. Next…..a rolling pin and a pie pan for that homemade pumpkin pie which I found at a Wal-Mart Super Center, and then finally Fry’s Grocery for the green beans and champagne. Check, check and check. I don’t think I made it back until 10:00 p.m. exhausted. A long day for sure.

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