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The Alaska Page is FINALLY Here!

~Wednesday, January 25, 2023~

Day 956

Sorry for the delay, but we were a little busy once we got to California. Now that we're back on the road, I had a little more time to finally get our Alaska Page done. As I was putting it together, it was, in a way, like I was experiencing it all over again. We'll treasure those memories forever!

Whether you're looking for tips on all the must see's and the must do's, or you're just curious about what Alaska has to offer, we've got quite THE list, THE route and fun video clips to get you inspired. Alaska was so special to us, we are making it our primary Home Page on our site, at least for now. So check it out at (homepage). Since we learned so much from people that had been there before us with first hand experience, we wanted to do the a way, paying it forward. So, enjoy the page and drop us a line if you have any questions or suggestions at This is our promo video🎬 below......

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