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The Calm After the Storm

~Monday, June 7, 2021~

Day 358 (Travel Day)

This is just the beginning of the humid season and we still can’t imagine what it must be like at the peak. Today’s humidity was 85%. You sweat even doing the smallest of tasks. And I have a feeling laundry runs will be happening a little more frequently.😩

As far as the crow flies, our next campsite would be about 3 miles. But instead we have to go around and over Lake Chickamauga 21 miles to get to Harrison Bay State Park in Harrison, TN and only an hour drive, if that. In fact, I wondered if it was even worth noting it as a “Travel Day”.

Our reservation was for Loop B in a pull through site, which we had pre-selected. But photos can be deceiving. The arch shape, where the trailer’s tires would be resting, was really not the ideal situation. We fit (barely), so I got on the phone to see if we could switch sites. It appeared there were vacancies but not sure about finding 4 days worth. She had 2 sites left in Loop C, one being 40’. Done…...until we got there. We have had a few situations where the length of the site is adequate, but not in terms of getting IN it. Man, what a son of a gun getting in it. We tried approaching it from 2 different sides, where all in all, we must have been working at it for over 30 minutes. Tree obstacles, boulder obstacles, slope…….you name it, we had it. Again, we maxed out our leveler blocks for the tires on the right side with none to spare (usually we have extras for the stabilizer jacks and the steps. With our steps fully extended, this is how we are getting in the trailer (45 degree angle). To avoid a broken ankle when getting out of the trailer, we have to step backward. It’s quite a show. Hopefully our neighbors aren’t noticing.

Loop C is a little nicer and as long as another RV doesn’t park in the next sight downhill from us, we’ll keep enjoying our partial lake view. After our exhausting experience of settling in, we had some outdoor chill time, though being in an airconditioned trailer did sound like a nice alternative. It was kind of nice though, sheltering under our awnings, watching the pouring rain. We also managed to get a lot done with our bookings for early 2022. It sounds crazy that we’re already having to book our lodging that far in advance. But with COVID restrictions easing up, and travel options opening up, finding availability is going to be even more challenging.

Took an early evening stroll to the water with Sadie so she could get in some swim time, as if she hasn’t had enough lately. Lovely sunset scenery.

We didn’t realize that we have 30 minutes more daylight than our hometown of Napa, CA gets. Sunset tonight was 8:54 p.m.

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