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Goodbye Tennessee

~Friday, June 18, 2021~

Day 369 (Travel Day)

Another hot and steamy one today! Thank goodness our trailer was in shade most of the time we were here or the A/C would never have caught a break. It’s nice that check out isn’t until 2:00 and with a short drive ahead, it allows us to max out our time here at this lovely campsite. We’re sad to be leaving friendly Tennessee-as we’ve said before, they have some of the most beautiful campgrounds around. But, it’s time to move on as we head to Kentucky…..Cadiz, KY to a campground called Energy Lake, a small, secluded campground in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation area. This will be our first U.S. Forest Service campground.

The drive today went very smoothly, and only 2 hours. We could get used to these short point A to point B trips for sure. Our home for the next 4 days is in loop D on the lake side, but not right on the lake, as we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing this past month. We have definitely been spoiled. This time, we have no water/sewer at our site, so we pulled up to a water spigot to fill our fresh water tank, but the spigot was too far away and our hose wouldn’t reach. Thank goodness for our collapsible water bottles. Man, those things have really come in handy and are super durable! And thank goodness we have electricity to run our A/C. Our amperage is only 30 so we won’t be able to run both A/C’s (you need 50A to do it). And we’re in for some hot steamy weather.

We got into our site with ease where we’re situated above the lake this time, but can definitely see it through the filter of trees.

No one is staying to the left of us and to our right and back is gorgeous forest, so again, we’ve scored.

There is a short path to the lake from our campsite that took us to a very small beach area. The sun had just gone down, so the colors were amazing. Sadie got her swim time in (it must be nice to be her), then took a walk around the 4 loops to check out other sites. It appears loop B is all cabins. The campground offers kayak/canoe rentals, playground and a swim area. After touring around, it appears we have the nicest, quietest loop. Do we know how to pick ‘em or what?

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