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The Big To Do List

~Wednesday, January 6, 2020~

Day 206

Not much to report in the way of sightseeing, and tourist interaction. But I am happy to announce that we’re happy with the location we chose in Old Town. We’ve got our own little corner oasis in the park for 2 weeks, still in sight of fellow campers, while maintaining some level of seclusion. And I would think things would stay that way as there are quite a few other site options around us, so wouldn’t imagine they’d put someone right next door to us unless it was a requested site. Let’s hope not as we have the perfect view to the pond right now. I must say, I’m looking forward to staying in one place for a while.

The pond area (they note it as a lake but it’s more like a pond), offers a small dock for fishing or if you prefer, a safe place to view the alligators 🐊. There are none at the moment, but there is a sign on the dock that says “do not feed the alligators”. I do remember a few months back when I booked this place, that at the time, they had 2 in the pond (warmer time of year) with the wrangler coming out to relocate them. It would be really fun to see one, but on the other hand, I’d be just as happy if they kept to a warmer lake.

Jeff and I spent some time making a large to-do list of things we need to tackle while we’re here.

It’s the perfect opportunity before we get busy again with all the tourist things in Southern Florida. Maybe you can help us stay accountable by making sure in our daily posts, that things are getting checked off the list. Since Old Town doesn’t have a lot to offer in tourist attractions/distractions, it’s the ideal location to get a few things checked off our docket. But stay tuned… there is never a dull moment with the Latreille’s. I do know there are some cool bike trails in the area and a 1500 foot boardwalk in the park which we’ll be checking out very soon. There is even a 1500 foot trail along the Suwannee River with picnic areas in walking distance from the park.

One of the things on my to-do list had to be taken care of right away. Since we checked in yesterday and paid our 2 weeks stay, the total was not settling with me right. At the time, I just accepted it because Christin was trying to close (we arrived at 5:20 and closing time is 5:00) so I decided to just recalculate it later. Sure enough my intuition was accurate. They overcharged us by $100, with Christin profusely apologizing for the error. I know these things happen, but $100?

Next was getting on with our mission to resupply and do laundry; resupply in terms of propane, gas, groceries, household stuff, etc. Apparently, the laundry facilities are shut down at the resort for now, and won’t be fixed until Friday. Darn. And we can’t wait. So we loaded up Sadie and the laundry and headed to Chiefland to divide and conquer. I found the perfect one-stop shop for me at a Super Wal-Mart and Jeff found his propane and automotive stuff. All this took longer than we expected, so we’ll have to tackle the laundry tomorrow. And who knows. Maybe the machines will be repaired by then.

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