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A Wild Ride

~Monday, April 10, 2023~

Day 1,031

Woo hoo…what a wild ride last night! 💨🌧️ One of our most windy nights with gusts up to 60 mph. Believe you me, we were keeping an eye on that leaning oak tree hanging over our trailer, only a foot from our slide. At least we weren’t completely battered by rain or we might have seen a different outcome. But you’d think we had quite the downpour with all the standing water surrounding our campground. It must be the type of sandy soil that makes the water percolate down so slowly. Of all the campsites in our loop, ours was the most flooded. Even our in ground fire pit was full of water. It certainly made for a lot of paw wiping.

And the bad weather just kept on coming. We had plans to tour the St. Augustine History Museum but decided that tomorrow would be a better day. So instead, it was a day of enjoying the rain and wind from inside the trailer with an occasional walk between downpours. Besides, being in such a dense forest and a more pronounced sound of pitter-patter on our roof was entertaining in itself. Adding to our rainy afternoon was a good book for Jeff and a stitching project for me, until gurgle, gurgle, gurgle. No, not a leak (thank goodness). But a filled gray tank. Of all the days for a Blue Boy run, right?

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