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Swingin' Good Time at the Gallatin

~Wednesday, September 9, 2020~

Day 87

A day spent doing things that really wouldn't pique your interest. But all the same, I just needed to share that we are STILL trying to get some sort of resolution from Ford about the transmission fiasco. Their customer service through their corporate office has been very sub-par, with promises of getting back to us within 24 hours, or that they’re working on our case…..blah, blah, blah. It’s completely unacceptable that the phone calls and emails have remained a daily task or concern for us since the middle of July. Completely unfair when you’re trying to enjoy a trip...right?

I spent the majority of the morning and afternoon trying to fix our Facebook page and sign up for Amazon’s Associates Program to promote products that we have purchased in the last year, for this trip of ours. Hey, we need to raise money for the brewsky and dog food funds.

Before we knew it, it was already 4:00 so we made the decision to scrap our plan of going into Bozeman to check out neighborhoods that might be worthy of settling down, and took advantage of our time at this beautiful spot we have right on the Gallatin River. One regret is that we didn’t allow enough time in Bozeman. I even called DeAnne (the owner of Gallatin Inn), to see if by chance we could stay in our spot one more day. The answer was “yes” for a different spot, but we didn’t want to move for just one more day.

Ah, finally some time to relax, chat and hang out on the swing while we watch and listen to the river flow. A few other couples came down to hang out as well. One of the couples we met were from Coeur d’Alene, she in real estate and he, retired, and fully involved in their community. Promoting Idaho, she really said there’s no better place to live weather wise and because of the sheer beauty of it. They purchased over 30 years ago, when it was more affordable. One thing we learned is that the weather there (especially in the panhandle), is far less colder than Bozeman, Montana. We thought because Coeur d’Alene is farther north, that it would actually be colder. I took a business card from her, since she would be a great resource if we ever choose to move there. And then of course I had to have the grand tour of their new 37 foot motorhome. Wow…..2 bathrooms too.

Spent our evening doing a little Facetime with Devin and Hannah, made one of our favorites…..falafel with pita, before turning in. A traveling day to West Yellowstone tomorrow. Will really miss this place.

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