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Cool Ghost Town

~Tuesday, September 8, 2020~

Day 86

Wow, just 2 days ago we were wearing shorts and t-shirts and today, we wake up to snow. Just a dusting, but the mountains surrounding us got more (maybe 3 or 4 inches). Just enough to look like things were sprinkled with powdered sugar. And it was bitterly cold this morning. The fireplace which runs on AC power, did a great job of keeping us decently warm through the night, thank goodness, since the temperature dropped to the low 20’s.

Had some damage control to take care of on the website this morning, then headed off with Sadie to the mining ghost town of Bannack. It was a perfect thing to do with Sadie as she could adventure with us on the grounds and even go inside the old, well-worn buildings.

Very dog friendly. The weather was the perfect temp, with fairly clear skies. A few wildfires must still be lingering despite the rain/snow from yesterday. But the skies definitely look better. The first stop was the visitor center (I called ahead to make sure they were open). Understandably, dogs are not allowed in that portion. Checked out a few historic books on this gold mining town, to purchase before we leave today. There was an informative video about the establishment of the town to the attraction that it is today. A lot of preservation has gone into this gold mining town which is lined with boardwalks that guide you from building to building, telling a story of the “Pikes Peakers” that discovered gold in the area back in 1862. Grasshopper Creek (named for the proliferation of grasshoppers in the area), became a jackpot where gold was found in considerable quantities. The town quickly grew from 400 in the fall to 3,000 the following spring. But as the easy deposits were exhausted, and gold became more difficult to extract, the demise of this mining town soon followed. Jeff and I just tried to imagine living in these shanty-like, modest conditions, especially in the bitterly cold winters. Certainly arduous times. On the way home, we were able to stop at a more recently established cemetery, just outside the park-an extension of the first cemetery in the park.

Long 2 hour drive home and a delicious falafel dinner. Looking forward to checking out downtown Bozeman tomorrow before leaving our cozy little spot at the Gallatin Inn resort.

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