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Still No Hike

~Wednesday, April 21, 2021~

Day 311

What a dreary day out. A relaxing day….just a few phone calls to make in Gatlinburg and grocery shopping. So far we’re 0 for 7 on our hiking commitments, but will definitely get out tomorrow. The highlight of the day was seeing another bear cub from the side of the road. 🐻 So cute!! Oh, and making a delicious dinner of falafels. For people that enjoy this healthy dish, a piece of advice. Don’t waste your time on store bought pita bread. After trying numerous brands, all met with failure in not opening easily, and usually tearing apart. If you know of a brand that exceeded your expectations, we’re all ears. What we have found is using garlic Naan to be the softest most pliable bread of choice. Yes, it is not a pocket, like pita is. But instead, we fold it like a taco, or you can try Jeff’s preference of open face. If any of you want a recipe, just give us a hollar. Healthy, fresh, and EASY!! 😋

Wow…..a post in 1 paragraph. Amazing!!!

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