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Off the Hook

~Monday, June 29, 2020~

Day 15

An uneventful day here at Del Mar. You can tell the winds have shifted since normally all you hear is ocean, but today, the traffic from Highway 5. It’s been so overcast/foggy for over a week now. The sun appeared this morning a bit and even more as the day progressed. Jeff’s back really has been giving him trouble, which all started before our trip. But today was more acute. While he rested I got tech support on my amazing Sony camera, that is now becoming even more amazing now that I’m learning how to use it. Unfortunately, updating the OS on computers doesn’t always help software compatibility, so apparently my camera software isn’t working, so I had to switch to something else. All good.

Hannah picked me up around 2:30 and we headed out to do some returns and get a few more things on my list. I can’t wait to be done shopping….oh wait, did I just say that?? No seriously, it’s been one big shopping spree after another with getting the trailer dialed in. While we were out, Jeff gave me a call, to tell me a funny thing. While he was outside, he noticed our next door neighbor’s tag said their stay was until June 30 (Tuesday), when originally we thought we were leaving Tuesday. The problem...we thought Tuesday was July 2. It’s not even July yet, so now we have an extra few days here. I don’t know why we had Tuesday in our minds, when July 2 is actually Thursday.

Yeah, no cooking tonight. Hannah and I picked up Devin after work, and a few Subway sandwiches, then back to our place for a little cornhole basically until the dark shut us down. Had a fun FaceTime call with Aunt Tracy and Grandma Trombino too.

The RV is doing very well, but there have been some issues that we need addressed which we’ll hopefully be taking care of on July 2. The plan is Richardson’s RV will take a look at the things on our list that day and order any parts needed while we continue on. Then we’ll bring the trailer back on the 15th for repairs/installation. We plan on staying at Hannah’s while the repairs are done. when We just want to get everything done in 1 swoop to make it worth our trouble getting it to Richardson’s. They have no idea how long the repairs will take, which makes it a bit more challenging in planning our itinerary.

Another thing to add to the list….a possible short in the ground wire for the slideout. Tonight before bed, Jeff found the slideout panel blinking a red light. There are codes inside the panel, 1 blink means something, 2 blinks means another, etc. I guess, even with new rigs, there are bound to be troubles. So stay tuned.

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