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New Playground Spots Page!!

~Tuesday, September 28, 2021~

Day 471

Woke up to a little thunder and rain this morning. We decided to scrap our day of going to Ogunquit and York, for a day at the campsite to complete our bookings through June 7, 2022. At least we got to experience Ogunquit from the car the other day, and as Jeff puts it, “Fine by me as it’s just a bunch of shops anyway”. My hubby’s idea of shopping is perusing the aisles of an REI or hardware store. Why do you think they have so many benches and breweries in these quaint little towns? Staying at the campground was not quite what I had in mind. But since we won’t have much cell service in the next few weeks (even with a We-Boost), this was our chance. AND many of the campgrounds are shutting down for the season so if you need to talk to anyone, now’s the time.

But before we launched into planning mode, Jeff and Sadie headed for the beach with the small window of opportunity to have off-leash time. I stayed back to write. She had such a ball, and she smells so clean thanks to the salt-water.

Our planning went pretty smooth where we were able to get a hold of most people and scored on the sites that we wanted (a bonus to calling way ahead). Throughout the whole process, I was simultaneously working on our website, putting the finishing touches on our new “Playground Spots” page. Hope you’ll consider checking it out, as I’m thrilled with the results, and the information...well, I think it’s pretty invaluable.. This is a culmination of our personal experiences along with suggestions from fellow travelers, and countless hours of scouring the internet. We’re proud to present a pretty awesome list of what we consider the best. From doggie parks to amazing campgrounds, it’s all there. To on “Playground Spots”, then scroll down to the particular state you are interested in (these are only the states we’ve visited so far), click on “read more” and that will direct you to “THE LIST”. Happy browsing and planning! Oh, and if you have any additional tips, PLEASE forward them to us at We love hearing from you guys!

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