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Calls & a Breakfast

~Sunday, September 26, 2021~

Day 469

The sounds of people breaking down camp seems to be a typical thing you hear on Sundays. I definitely have mixed feelings of wanting quiet, isolated places while enjoying the family energy of others. They’re both pretty cool. I guess as long as we mix things up, it’s all good. I don’t think I wrote about the fact that we did end up having a fellow RV’er move in next to us, but it was only for the weekend. So no big deal.

Currently on Day 3 of my antibiotic to treat my Perioral Dermatitis. One of the necessities of taking this particular medication (and it kills me to take any medicine), is to drink plenty of water. As I mentioned about 3 weeks ago, I was trying an experiment of increasing my water intake to see what a difference it would make in my skin, my energy and alertness. Well, I failed miserably at keeping it up. But now that I am forced to drink a lot of water, I’m committed, since I really want this medicine to work. Yesterday, I had 9 glasses of water. And today I’m keeping that steady. Downside…..many trips to the bathroom. But I could tell even after one day, that I didn’t feel as sluggish, despite not having enough zzzz’s. Will let you know how this hydration thing affects me after 2 weeks of being consistent. I’m also not drinking any alcohol during this time period. Other than this “skin disease”, I’m so grateful for our health. Jeff and I have not had to visit a doctor in years, even during the stressful times. The RV lifestyle and being out in nature constantly certainly helps!

Since we thought we were originally going to take our bike ride to the beach today, I decided to make a big breakfast. Made some delicious breakfast tostadas with chipotle sauce, black beans, lettuce, caramelized onion/jalapeno, egg, and cheese.

Yum! The perfect Sunday brunch…..minus the Mimosas. 😟. But instead of the bike ride we opted to stay at the campsite. We’re back into lodging plans for more of 2022 which is pretty necessary if we want to eliminate unnecessary stress and worry in trying to find a last minute campground. The way the RV climate has been the past year and likely to be in the coming year, it just doesn’t suit us to wait. Especially if you want the “good” campsites. Things just book up too fast. And, you have to factor in places shutting down for the Fall/Winter and not being able to get a hold of anybody. We’re headed in the right direction with our route figured out until the end of May. We were already booked through mid-April. So, hopefully tomorrow, we’ll make the time to book the places we researched today. Now, if the perfect house at the right price presented itself in the next year, we would definitely jump on it and postpone our trip plans. But, best to plan for things not working out that way. We shall see what the “market” does. Anyway, it was the perfect way to spend our Sunday, with football playing in the background while looking at maps and planning out the calendar. How was your Sunday?

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