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Military ID

~Wednesday, June 17, 2020~

Day 3

As each day goes by, I am so grateful we get to do this trip. And I appreciate what a good team Jeff and I are to make this thing happen. Planning was essential for us, since that’s how we tick. We do go with the flow, but we also think good planning means smoother times. Jeff and I each have our strengths in what we tackle. Mine is the financial/budgeting side and Jeff’s is the equipment researcher (we’re still making lists of things we didn’t think we’d need). He really did a great job finding the perfect trailer for us.

Since being on a military base, there have been a few minor glitches. Today was one, trying to smooth out one of them. We had to meet Hannah’s friend Violeta at Camp Pendleton’s customer service area so she could sign sponsorship paperwork to get us a pass that would allow us to get on/off base. The ID’s Jeff and I had (just driver’s licenses) was not sufficient. California has made a change with the driver’s licenses that they read “Real ID” on them. Since we were moving, we had decided not to get the “Real ID”s” which leaves you having to use passports. So back to the campsite Jeff and Violetta went to pick up our passports. Ugh! We had our photos taken and finally cleared. Whew!! Boy, they are super strict here, but I get it.

Apparently, Devin was not feeling well, so Hannah and Carson went back home to take care of him while Jeff and I had some things to take care of. Priority #1…..get our next campsites dialed in. Apparently, this is a very stressful thing with RV’iing, especially now with COVID. Since everyone’s been staying home, many are getting the itch for traveling and RV’ing, and there’s only so many campsites available right? After 2 to 3 hours of researching for a campsite and mind you we’re trying to find something for the 4th of July weekend, we ultimately found a spot at Lake Jennings July 2nd for 1 night (all we could find), then just a few miles from there, an RV park called Rancho Los Cochos from July 3 to July 8 then back to Lake Jennings through July 15. Then it’s out of California we go.

We spent the rest of the afternoon researching more supplies we needed to order. Then finally, a nice evening at the beach and.......

a delicious leftover meal of fettuccine and salad.

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