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Lots to Consider

~Tuesday, February 7, 2023~

Day 969

What a night! We had quite the amusement of listening to a few owls carry on about whose territory was whose (assuming that’s what their message was). It must have gone on for several hours, yet it was a soothing sound that we didn’t mind. Evidently, the Great-Horned Owl is the most prevalent species in this part of Florida. Who knows, maybe we’ll be doing a little nighttime bird watching.

We’re certainly loving the less packed days of being at Topsail. Since it’s been go, go, go these last few months, we agreed that we would have more downtime once we arrived here. But then again, I suppose I thrive on always having something to do. Relaxing for Jeff is way easier than it is for me. But we do have one project to tackle in the coming weeks….researching all we need to know about the states we are interested in moving to. It’s hard to believe that soon, we’ll be winding down what will be a 3-year stint of full-time travel. For now, the states we’ve narrowed down are 1. North Carolina, 2. Tennessee or 3. Virginia. And there are so many factors to consider when making our decision, with number one being that we have to LOVE where we are. Others would be:

  1. Amazing location

  2. Social security tax

  3. Healthcare

  4. Property tax

  5. Culture and Entertainment

  6. Outdoor activities

These are just a few of many things to think about. We’re fortunate in the way of taking our time and not feeling too pressured or rushed in making our decision (the beauty of a home on wheels). So we’ll keep ya’ll informed of what we learn along the way. Actually, you’ll probably be the first to know how it all pans out.

Since we’re doing less sightseeing at our present location, it’s an opportunity to get caught up on a few chores like cleaning the shower and the oven. Both were overdue and now look like new. Always nice having things sparkle!

The beach was quite a bit different today…windier and more clouds.

It was good we got down there when we did to capture some beautiful shots before the sun got below a dense group of clouds.

Nothing gourmet in the way of dinner tonight, but still delicious with leftover chili and cornbread and a Cobb Salad. And I’m 3 days into my new cross stitch project where Santa’s face is coming to life. I just hope this stocking doesn’t take me 2 years to finish.

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