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Living in the Moment

~Friday, June 19, 2020~

Day 5

I’m completely taking in all of the little things we never seemed to make time for or had time for before this trip. washing/drying the dishes together, or playing a game of dominoes or backgammon at the end of the day. Or simply just having time for each other. It seems that in our prior day to day routines that we were appreciating things in life. But when you step back from it, you realize the simple pleasures in life were very much overshadowed by all of day in day out responsibilities that consume us. Simply, living less in the moment. That’s what this whole year is about… take time and savor the tiny moments. This trip is an opportunity I will not take for granted. What a great way to reboot!

Started off with a simple pleasure of walking our dog Sadie and having a delicious breakfast burrito made by chef Jeff (our first real breakfast in our trailer). While Jeff prepared breakfast, I figured out the setup on our new water filter system. The water on Camp Pendleton’s base is actually VERY scary. You’d think that the government would ensure the families who make the sacrifices of serving our country, would have only the best...right?? Anyway, I found a new water system, called “ Zero Water”, a competitor to Brita. I wanted this because 1. it’s a water pitcher that would fit perfectly in our small refrigerator, and 2. that would filter even better than the Brita of which I’m used to. This one has a 5-step process to remove harsh chemicals unlike Brita’s 2-step process. When I measured the PPM (parts per million), after filtration, it should read 0. When I measured Camp Pendleton’s water, unfiltered, it read 240. Scary!! Zero Water filters should be replaced when they hit 006, just to put it in perspective.

We spent most of the day completing our online ordering on Amazon. Purchases such as accessories for the sewage (see other items on RV supply list), backgammon, an aluminum table for outside food prep, an outdoor mat and a different bike rack cover. We cancelled our previous order since it’s been 3 weeks and we still haven’t received it. So we went with another vendor on Amazon.

We finally got to see Easton, Carson and the kids around 5:00. So much fun watching them in person (FaceTime is not the same).

Easton is so comfortable around people and boy does he love his trucks. Even better when in sand. We spent a few hours at the beach, then made an earlier dinner of BLT’s and tomato soup. Tonight was also momentous because Easton opened a long awaited gift from Grandma. His handmade Christmas stocking. I was so excited to finally give this to him (check out the video)! Now I’ve really set a precedent. EVERY grandchild will expect one.

Dishes, a night stroll with Sadie, then a game of dominoes…...I finally won!!

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