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Like Old Times

~Friday, March 25, 2022~

Day 649

Today was the first day it really felt like summer……in the upper 70’s. A day of taking care of business trying to wrap up tax stuff, etc. We managed to get in a haircut for Jeff after our visit to OfficeMax where I needed to make a few copies. Plus we had every intention of giving Hank a bath, but ran out of time as we had a scheduled FaceTime call with our old friends from California, Kathy & Tim. They’ve been following our journey, thinking about pursuing their own very soon, once Kathy retires. Kathy and I met in college and have missed her so much. Love her zest for life, the good that she sees in everything, and the adoration that she and Tim share with each other (they’ve been married 34 years)! Life just got busy and crazy with raising our families over the years, that we let time get away from us and sadly did not keep up communication…..until now. Not dwelling on the past, we’re rekindling that friendship, and are committed to staying in touch. Where to start though? We had a wonderful hour-long conversation about our kids (they have 2 daughters in their 20’s), Tim’s recent retirement, Kathy’s job as a teacher’s aid, and their upcoming travels to Charleston and The Keys. Tim’s also thinking of launching a website geared toward all things related to fishing, and asked for a few tips about web design. I’m also putting him in touch with our son Shane (an avid fisherman/hunter as well). Who knows, maybe Tim could be their new web designer for the shop-something I know they desperately need.

It was a grilled fish taco night…..Sole was the perfect fish choice! and the best weather evening by far!

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