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Like New.......Almost

~Monday, October 17, 2022~

Day 855

To wash or not to wash. And I’m not talking about my hair (though that did get washed this morning). With a good chunk of miles to go before arriving in Napa, was it worth spending so much time cleaning our cherished vehicles now, or wait until we were parked in one place for a while? But honestly, the dirt and grime and the latest bug collisions on our windshield are making visibility a problem. It’s not just about the appearance, but the safety as well. Not being able to see the maximum distance in front of you, is not o.k. So, we devoted the entire day to erasing all signs of ever being in Alaska.

We were just grateful to finally find a campground that would allow us to wash our elephant-sized vehicles. For Jeff, it took him over 4 hours just to get the tar and bugs off the front of the trailer finally ending with a coat of wax.

For me, it was 6 hours of washing and waxing the outside of the truck which normally might take me 2-3 hours. Camphost Ray and neighbor Rod were impressed with our due diligence. Working till sundown, we both still have a lot of work to do on both vehicles to get it to the standards we like.

3 more sides to go on the trailer, and the inside of the truck for me which will likely take an entire day.

With my hair and both vehicles clean, we had just one more chore to go……a bath for Sadie. I think we’ve fully benefited from our full-service hookups for sure…..especially the water! Now, we are one sparkly clean bunch!!

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