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Missing Family!

~Friday, October 14, 2022~

Day 852

A few hours into our research, we finally booked our flights to Illinois for early December. So excited!! Guaranteed that once we get there, our hugs for Hannah, Devin, Easton and Carson will be exxxxxxxtra long with so many to make up!!!

We also booked our reservations for an RV Park/Campground near Mount St. Helens now that we know the smoke won’t be too bad there. The plan is to leave tomorrow morning for the 2-hour drive just outside the national monument. It will be quite the luxury having full-hookups!

We talked about doing the Chinook Scenic Byway today, which would have guaranteed one of the most beautiful drives in the park. But with it taking 1 hour and 20 minutes alone just to get there, plus another 90 miles for the byway itself, we nixed that idea. Besides, it was nice to just stay at the campsite and not play tourist. We also had a few chores that needed tending to…..for Jeff it was reorganizing the back of the truck and for me, it was defrosting the fridge/freezer. I’m sure it’s much happier now! Another task that is screaming to get done is washing/waxing Billie Jean and Hank. Neither has been thoroughly cleaned inside or out in about a year. Looks like we’re going to have to complete that task when we’re back in California. Throughout the day, more and more people trickled in for their weekend getaways, making the place full by sundown. Nice to have an evening in front of a fire after whipping a yummy batch of banana/chocolate/pecan muffins. Want some?

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