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Lending a Hand

~Tuesday, December 7, 2021~

Day 541

Since we’re down to one car we decided that Jeff needed the truck more than I for today. There are a few projects that Jeff wanted to surprise Shane with at his place. He has a leaky shower head which needs altogether replacing in his tiny little shower stall. We swear it’s smaller than our RV stall. So instead of a fixed shower head, Jeff thought it would be better to switch it out with a hand-held variety. Next would be helping Shane begin tackling his backyard. There are plans to put in a gravel pathway, a firepit, revitalize the lawn and add needed storage for his small, covered patio. Unfortunately, the washer and dryer take up much of the concrete pad outside since there is no room in the studio for those appliances.

For me, it was a hike day with my bestie Michele. Because dogs are not allowed on any of the trails here, it would just be us. The sun was finally out making it a beautiful day to be in nature. I’d forgotten just how beautiful this area is. And it looks like the landscape is slowly recovering from the devastating 2017 Tubbs Fire. We only had an hour for our hike since Michele had other commitments. At least it felt good getting in some cardio and breathing all that fresh, cold air. Now it was Sadie’s turn. I took her around the park for a 30-minute jaunt, though she misses her running. Hopefully tomorrow we can drive over to Alston for a real workout.

Jeff got back around 6:00 with much success and Shane was grateful for the surprise. Hopefully he’s ready on Monday for his mother to pay a visit. 😉 Check out this fabulous light display just minutes from where we're staying at Skyline Park......

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