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KC All the Way!

~Sunday, February 12, 2023~

Day 974 (Super Bowl Day)

Even though we’re still mourning the loss of our beloved 49’ers, we’re still Super Bowl watchers along with the other 208 million viewers. It is, after all, part of America’s culture. But there is a slight advantage to not having your team in the finals as it eases the stress and agony that comes with watching the game (we’re rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs). Hmmm….maybe it will curb my stressful eating too?? Of course, I love all the usual perks that come with a Super Bowl…..the National Anthem, the jets flying overhead, the half-time show and of course the $7 million dollar commercials. Before we got settled into the 5:30 game, we had to move campsites (our additional night stay required a move 20 feet from our old site). It sure was a time-saver getting to “walk” over all of our stuff to the new site, including sewer hoses. Yay!! We managed to sneak in a few loads of laundry and a trip to the grocery store to complete our ingredient list for our small Super Bowl party…..

potato skins, bruschetta,

goat cheese/pine nut/roasted pepper celery sticks and stuffed mushrooms (all

delicious by the way.

When it came to game time, Chris Stapleton did a wonderful country rendition of the National Anthem (notice he did it in 4/4 time like Whitney Houston’s iconic performance (as opposed to its original ¾ time). I must say I was a little disappointed in the lack of highlighting the first all-female flight team that immediately followed the National Anthem. The camera angle was also below par (usually you see it directly overhead-and yes, the stadium roof was open). I thought Rhianna and her team did an amazing job on the Half-Time show. Very unique and energetic. I guess she’s not afraid of heights. And the commercials….I guess there were a few good ones, mostly tied to beer…..the Miller Light vs. Coors Light vs. Blue Moon commercial, the very cute Bud Light commercial with Miles Teller and his wife, and the Amy Schumer Google Pixel ad where she wonders if she can delete her old boyfriends from old photos. In the end, we’re happy that Patrick Mahomes led his team to another Super Bowl win (twice in 5 years). Is he another Tom Brady in the making?

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