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Happy Dad Day!

~Sunday, June 19, 2022~

Day 735

Wow, what a treat waking up to a delicious pancake breakfast made by my madre, complete with eggs and fresh fruit. A great way to kick off the day. And Happy Father’s Day to all those amazing dads out there. In MY family, that would be my hubby, my daughter’s partner Devin, and my brother-in-law Tim. They are all not just amazing fathers, but amazing humans as well! So I was thrilled when I got a phone call from my hubby having never been apart on this special day. It just warmed my heart when he told me Shane made a delicious Father’s Day breakfast of Eggs Benedict

with homemade hollandaise sauce and a side of homemade hashbrowns. Between our son and daughter, it’s nice to know that the cooking bug has bitten them and that they’re carrying on tradition.

The boys are having a great time on their camping trip with Jeff,

even though the fishing is a bit lackluster due to the devastating floods in Montana. They call it a “blowout” when the rivers are silty and the fishing undesirable. In fact, Yellowstone is still closed. But at least there’s lake fishing from their rented, inflatable kayaks.

It sounds like our plans are moving forward with Jeff and the boys driving the 6 hours to Spokane tomorrow to drop off the trailer at our overnight stay at an apple orchard, before the boys fly back home to Napa. Later that afternoon, I fly into the same airport Shane and Trevor fly out of, where Jeff and I then drive to Mead for one night’s stay before crossing the border into Canada. Crossing our fingers there are no delays or glitches. You just never know these days. At least the COVID restrictions have eased up.

Missing my bestie Michele, this would be the only day we could fit in a visit before I leave tomorrow. She’s currently staying on the coast, but had an appointment in Yountville, so it actually worked out perfect for her to meet me somewhere in the middle……Davis.

My Burma, specializing in exquisite Burmese dishes, was the perfect choice in terms of the food and the outdoor atmosphere. We had a nice shady spot for us and Michele’s dog Turbo. Being the stunning dog that he is (a Simoyed), we can be guaranteed many a visit by passer bys either wanting to pet him or inquire as to what breed he is. Despite the annoying guy doing doughnuts in a nearby parking lot for what seemed an eternity, it was a great visit. Can’t wait to spend more time with her when we come back in the Fall.

When I got back to El Dorado Hills, mom and I spent a good portion of our evening trying to salvage her failing Japanese Maple tree. I’m thinking it was rootbound and overwatered, so hope that after cutting back the roots and pruning the portion above, that it will be enough to revitalize it.🤞🪴As my mom knows, when it comes to gardening, I could easily work until dark. But in trying to avoid a midnight dinner, it was time to put away those pruning shears and get going. A light dinner of salad and a jalapeno scone was perfect after having had a big lunch. Adding a little bit of bubbly with a bottle of Proseco was the perfect accompaniment to our meal. Offering a toast to our visit, it’s been great having this special time with my mother so of course have mixed feelings about leaving so soon. But October will be here before we know it.

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