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Grouchy and Sad

~Sunday, January 29, 2023~

Day 960

Walking out our door this morning, you’d think we had a squall of rain all night. It really didn’t rain all that much, maybe just a few small downpours. But since the water table is so high here, there’s nowhere for the water to go. So we sit with about an inch to 2 inches of water around our campsite. A pair of rainboots would certainly be good right about now. With laundry duties today, it should make for an interesting walk to the facilities (it’s right behind our campsite).

We had been looking forward to a relaxed football day, particularly the 49’er game. As I mentioned before, when we arrived at this campground, we were able to tune in to the Fox network. Of all the days NOT to have that be the case, TODAY!! We’re not sure if the weather had an effect on it. But in any case, it was very frustrating. So we had to resort to Jeff’s NFL app on his phone (I couldn’t even get it on my laptop). Watching the playoffs from a tiny device is not our idea of fun. All within the first quarter, our 3rd string quarterback, Purdy, injured his elbow and had to be taken out of the game, not to mention the touchdown call for Philadelphia, that should have been challenged by the Niners and ultimately reversed. Things went south quickly for our team. It was painful to watch. In the second half, our 4th string quarterback Josh Johnson did the best he could, but also sustained a concussion, so Purdy got put back in but couldn’t pass the ball, on hand off. I guess sometimes, things just don’t go your way. In the end, we lost 7 to 31 with a very strange game. At least we had a good time communicating with my cousin Sharon in Tennessee via text, watching the pain and misery together (she’s a Dallas fan). We all agreed it was a horrible way to end the season. But getting this far in the playoffs with a third string quarterback, is something to be proud of. The Niners really are a special group of guys. At least the Kansas City Chiefs game was a great one to watch. They beat the Cincinnati Bengals by a last minute field goal ending it 20 to 23. So it looks like the Super Bowl will be between the KC Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles and I’m undecided as to who to root for. You?

While I sulked, I took out my anger on finishing up my laundry duties, not just from a bad football game, but from my love/hate relationship with campground laundry facilities. Yes, they are convenient and yes, they are usually a bargain….$1.00/load (normally it’s $4/load at laundromats). After I discovered my fleece sheets didn’t make it through the spin cycle, I had one machine left that I could count on. With only 1 working washer left out of 4, I managed to wrap things up by 10:00 p.m. Ugh! Looking forward to having my own washer/dryer again.

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