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Southern Chili

~Thursday, February 2, 2023~

Day 964

What a way to wake up this morning. Luckily my phone was nearby to capture the moment…..a flock of Egrets flying over

Pique Bayou right behind our campsite. I’m not sure what was attracting them to fly over the water back and forth. But it sure made for a beautiful moment on my end.

Knowing that we were in for a crummy weather day, it would be a day of inside activities…..i.e. photo editing, cleaning and defrosting the fridge and finally giving Sadie a bath. There was no asking her twice as she eagerly went in. It must have felt so good to be clean, especially since she hasn’t had the opportunity lately to swim; ‘Ya know….not really a good idea being in swamp land.

Jeff had plans to make up a batch of chili, so made the 5-minute trip to the store to get all of the necessary ingredients. Some of the elements and other things on the list were a bit challenging to find….no serrano peppers and no oat milk for me. And what is it about corn tortillas in the South? It’s a rare thing to find them. Quite different from the abundance of it in California.

Had a nice chat with my sister and mom in California. Tracy had flown down from Oregon to help tie up some loose ends with getting my mom’s home on the market….sometime in the next few weeks. It’s all very exciting that things are coming together to get her closer to family.

By the way, the cornbread and chili were absolutely delicious. The jalapenos definitely made for a milder substitute. A perfect meal on a rainy night.

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