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Grandkid Day

~Friday, July 17, 2020~

Day 33

We started off our day with a fun morning with Easton, while Hannah took Carson to his well-check appointment (he weighs 12.2 lbs.-yeah!!). Devin had work until noon. We were very busy with Easton all morning, singing “The Kookie Little Coconut” and “The Wheels on the Bus” songs, building blocks,

and having a yummy breakfast before Hannah got home. It was such a beautiful day out, we thought it would be a perfect day to go to the beach one last time before leaving SoCal. We decided on going back to Del Mar for the afternoon with sand toys in hand and some delicious food. Once again, it was really crowded there so finding a parking place was a bit challenging. It was exciting to see Easton more comfortable with the ocean and wanting to help fill up buckets of water to bring back to his car jump building. It was quite windy, but warm. While there, we got an update from our Lance service guy, Stephen. Everything was good except the repairs on the overhead shelf above the master bed. The whole shelf is bowed/warped, so they have to order the whole shelf, not just a bracket, which could take a few weeks. So the plan is to have them hold it for us until we’re back through the area to have them install it. Sounds like a plan, but kind of disappointing that we can’t have everything fixed before we leave California.

We went back to Hannah and Devin’s for a nice evening together. Easton was beyond tired with a few little melt downs at dinner time since he had only a very small nap today. Carson also had a fussy evening, so the overall vibe in the household was calmness….NOT! Somewhere in there we had a delicious dinner of tacos, a little story time with Easton, then lights out. And thank you Easton for giving up your bed for Grandma and Grandpa tonight.

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