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Going to the Sun Road

~Wednesday, September 2, 2020~

Day 80

Woke up to an empty propane tank, as I was trying to make my cup of Joe this morning. I knew something wasn’t right as I noticed last night that the refrigerator lights were flashing abnormally. Since I didn’t know how to switch over the tank (I guess I need to learn how to do that one). The front of the trailer holds 3 standard size propane tanks, with 2 of the 3 still full. In a matter of 1 minute , we were back in business.

Spent the early morning emailing a few realtors in the area so that we have their contact information all lined up when we are serious to buy about a year from now. My bestie Michele is also going to try and line us up with someone in the Flathead Lake area. Let the contender list begin. So far we can see ourselves moving to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho or Whitefish, Montana. Living in either of these places would truly give us 4 seasons, with the predominance of cold. But I’m ready for a change.

Host Patty stopped by this morning to ask if we had any trash to dispose of as her friend was headed to the dumps. So nice of her to ask, and didn’t I just mention how hard disposing of trash was in my previous blog. Patty’s services are the exception. We also have some new neighbors staying here until Saturday. They have already been here for 2 days and were staying in the shady front portion of Patty’s property, but wanted to move to a sunnier spot where we are, to improve their solar panel charging.

We finally headed out for Glacier National Park with a partially cloudy day. Arriving at the park entrance we decided without hesitation, on buying the annual National Parks Pass ($80). So worth it for our year of travel. We just wish that we are able to have Sadie join us on the trails or swim in the rivers, though they are allowed in parking lots. It’s completely understandable that the purpose of not allowing dogs is to preserve the wilderness and protect the wildlife that’s in the parks. Regardless, she’s our traveling companion and will make anything work.

The last time we were in the park a few years ago, it was mid-summer and fully sunny. Today, the scattered clouds certainly added to the already breathtaking scenery.

Getting here this late in the season means less water. So many of the gushing waterfalls we saw last time are at this time of year, slight. The only road that traverses the park, Going to the Sun Road, is truly an engineering marvel. As we drove it, I couldn’t help but wonder just how difficult this road must have been to build. It would be difficult even now, but back in the 1920’s? Construction began in 1921 and was completed in 1932. Lots of twists and ridiculously narrow lanes. With sometimes nearly 80 feet of snow on the road in the winters, it can take about 10 weeks to plow in the early Spring. Of the total 50 mile road, we drove 32 miles of it today, from the west entrance to Logan Pass. The elevation of Logan Pass is 6,600 feet, so you start out a little chilly, but quickly warm up once you start ascending the trail for Hidden Lake.

The first half-mile is a boardwalk trail, followed by a more normal trail the rest of the way. Most people stop at the Hidden Lake Overlook which is about a 1.5 mile hike. If you go on beyond that for the remaining 7 miles to Hidden Lake, you are in the backcountry. It would have been great to do, but too late in the day and we have the dog. On the way back to the visitor center, we spotted 2 big horn sheep grazing in the distance, which I hope came out o.k. on video. An amazing day.

A long drive home and wanted to get back before it was completely dark. With that meant a late dinner. I whipped up a Cream of Celery soup and Jeff made blackened chicken and salmon. Delicious! We have been eating very well on this trip so far!

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