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Getting Out of the Heat

~Saturday, July 25, 2020~

Day 41

A chore day, with nothing too exciting to entertain an audience, but I’ll bore you with a few details. I did my 2.5 mile 4-loop walk in 90 degree heat, with Sadie only making 1 of the loops (too hot for paws), then tried to clean the outside windows on the trailer. I say “tried” as I was hoping the old homemade recipe of 2 cups water, ¼ cup vinegar and ¼ tsp. of dish soap would do the trick, but these water spots were bad. They’ve been bad since we bought the trailer. My guess is either it had been stored in Richardson’s parking lot next to lawn sprinklers or they hosed off the trailer, leaving it to air dry. Who knows. After I’d done a little online research of water spot removal products, I found one at Wal-Mart called Chemical Guys Water Spot Remover for $14.99. So what does a husband do to help out a frustrated wife, then to take a trip for her (it was 17 miles away, but he had other things to get too). And boy did he have a happy wife for making the trip. This stuff is amazing. Making sure to apply in shade is ideal. You do have to use this stuff with caution as it recommends wearing goggles and gloves. It’s a gel that you use sparingly that you simply apply to your cotton or microfiber towel, then wipe down (in our case a little elbow grease was required and in some cases 2 applications were necessary). After you see the hazy residue (seconds), you neutralize the product with the vinegar solution I mentioned before. Thanks to the Chemical Guys and hubby Jeff, we can now see the Hotel Marriott and the Sequoia Mountains nearby. I only had time for one side of the trailer, so part 2 to be continued.

Jeff’s been working on a way for us to get out of this heat and get a little sightseeing in with Bakersfield wearing out its welcome. Santa Barbara on the other hand is looking mighty inviting and only a few hours away. So let’s do it! But first, we need to check in with our good buddy Chris Strong at Ford to see what he could do for us in terms of giving us a car that we could tootle around with and that would also have room for Sadie. All along Chris has said not to hesitate to ask if we needed anything else, so here we are. He said he’d be in to take care of it on Monday. I think we can wait and it will be something to look forward to for sure.

The evening was around 90 degrees where we enjoyed homemade pizza (a bit challenging when you don’t have flour and a pizza pan) but delicious. We thought we’d try another Redbox movie, The Avenger’s Endgame, since our DVD/radio is now set up. We highly recommend and a fun way to end our day. Oh, and yes, there was popcorn!

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