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Forever Friends

~Thursday, June 16, 2022~

Day 732

Early morning off to get an overdue haircut and caffeine fix at Peet’s Coffee. Made it to my hair appointment right on time (9:00 a.m.) and since I’ve been known to change my mind once in a salon chair, I’m happy I went through with my decision on a shorter doo. Christina did a great job and I was up and out of the chair in record time (45 minutes). Maybe the time flew by in my fascination about the details of her upcoming move to Hawaii. Lucky girl!

Meeting my dear friend Karena between Napa and El Dorado Hills, we settled on Bernardo’s in Davis. It was so great to see her again since our last meeting was in December.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather on their lovely outdoor patio, that is until a clueless dog owner let their dog bark incessantly, making it difficult to hold any sort of conversation. Had we ordered the Thai Noodle Bowl or salad instead of the Salmon Burgers, we would have enjoyed the place more. Afterward, we took a short stroll around the charming downtown, until a darling little tea shop/cafe sandwich board caught our eye. Tucked behind a building on D Street, Tea List’s adorable cozy niche setting lured us in. They have a wide assortment of teas with Karena ordering mint tea and a Roibus style tea for myself called Vanilla Bourbon Street. I liked my tea so so that I picked up a small bag of it to bring home to my mother. Oh and the desserts were scrumptious!

I think I can say that the Tea List well made up for our disappointing lunch at Bernardo’s. But in the end, it’s all about the good company. I sure have missed Karena’s smile, wit and warm heart. Already looking forward to our next visit together in late October.

On my way out of Davis, I spotted a really cool Bohemian-style consignment shop called Boheme Hip. It doesn’t take much to tempt me into going into these stores as I love, love, love consignment shopping. I sure miss the ones I used to frequent when we lived in Napa. It was worth the stop as I scored on 4 items being mindful of the limitations of my suitcase.

Arriving back at my mom’s in the late afternoon, we still had time before dinner to dig into some yard work again (no pun intended). The front yard is really shaping up nicely. And the backyard is looking great after my sister’s visit a month or so ago. Good teamwork!

Little did we know that Thursdays at Milestones would be this crazy. Just trying to find a parking spot posed a challenge, and we would soon find out why. First, it was the NBA Championship game between the Celtics and the Warriors paired with the El Dorado Hills Town Center’s live music in the park. Seated outside, not too far from the music’s epicenter, it made it a bit challenging to carry on a conversation, but was fun all the same with the energy of the crowds and watching everyone have a good time. So nice to see things returning to some normalcy since our last visit. Oh, and the Warriors won the Championship with coach Steve Kerr winning a historical 9 NBA Championship games over the span of his career (5 as a player and 4 as a coach). Way to go Steve Kerr and team!

Haven’t talked to Jeff today, so I am crossing my fingers hoping he was able to meet up with Shane and Trevor after all.

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