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Football Time

~Sunday, January 16, 2022~

Day 581

We’ve got a new app for you guys. And it’s not the food kind (I wish). It’s called Hear, Here. Jeff learned about this free app on Instagram (yes social media is great for some things). It’s an audio entertainment app for all you road-trippers that shares the stories and history of locations you are traveling. Co-founded by actor Kevin Costner, it is currently only available for Iphone users. Android is coming soon. Anyway, it’s a great way to expand our minds and stir our curiosity about new and exciting places as the storyteller describes the culture, local history, local insights, places of interest, etc. Definitely check it out!

It was football day once again and quite the lineup…….Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Philadelphia Eagles, S.F. 49er’s vs. Dallas Cowboys, and Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. The winners in case you’re interested…the Buccaneers, 49’ers (barely….quite the nail biter), and the Kansas City Chiefs are moving on. Two of the three games were exciting, but the final game of the day was a yawner with it being such a blowout). Stay tuned for football Monday. Oh and the Australian Open is in full swing (my favorite Grand Slam tournament). Jeff and I are hoping to see Federer play there before he retires!! Let’s hope all of the Djokovic drama doesn’t overshadow the excitement of the tournament. The Australian government has sent a clear message that rank and stardom doesn’t grant you special privileges, particularly when it comes to being unvaccinated. I just feel sorry for the fans and the tournament’s loss for not having the number 1 player in the world at that tournament. Bad decision for Djokovic’s team.

In between touchdowns and interceptions, Jeff and I worked on some trailer stuff. It turns out our stovelight, located in the hood, is not repairable. Solution…..duct tape. I swear, I think my husband actually looks for things to duct tape. He loves the stuff. I hate it because of the residue it leaves. At least you can’t see the “repair”, and he did a pretty good job of concealing it as much as possible. We found out from Meek’s RV (where we had our oven recall fix recently) that Lance has discontinued Dometic oven/stove/hood combinations. We will let you know when we find out what manufacturer they’ve switched to. Whoever they’ve decided to go with is evidently a huge improvement, so we may consider replacing ours down the road. Dometic has had a lot of problems with recalls and inferior parts. And it’s next to impossible to get replacement parts for anything stove related. Their other products like toilets and fans are excellent however. My projects took me outside on this lovely day, to clean all the exterior windows and wipe down some of the siding so that it would look somewhat decent until its next bath in Tucson (hopefully).

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