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Finally Staying in The Keys!😎🐠

~Thursday, February 18, 2021~

Day 249 (Travel Day)

The Everglades was a perfect pit stop this go around, to get us to a spot we’ve been looking forward to seeing for a very long time….The Florida Keys. As you might remember, we were there for a little day trip last month, while staying in the Everglades. But we really wanted to absorb The Keys by staying in The Keys, not to drive daily trips in, especially having Sadie. But now we’ve got 3 days of flip flop, bathing suit, mai-tai kind of weather to pack in as much as possible. So you’ll probably get an earful (or eyeful) in the coming days.

Apparently The Keys has a total of 42 bridges that links each little island together. Today we crossed only a fraction of them as our goal was getting to Fiesta Key, not quite halfway to Key West. With the windows rolled down and Jimmy Buffet blaring in the background, we could really feel the temperature and humidity change with each mile. Arriving around noon (I know, early for us), to the beautiful entrance of Fiesta Key RV Resort & Marina, we were greeted by a very large, friendly security guard (you would not want to mess with), who had us read and sign a few papers. before we were whisked off by our camp host in his golf cart, ready and waiting to lead us to our site. The first thing you notice is the sea of squeezed-in RV’s down each row. With each passing section, we were hopeful that our premium site would be close to or on the water. We got to the row behind the water, thinking o.k. not bad. We kind of have a view of the ocean and that’s nice. Oh, but wait a minute, we’re still moving. It’s a pull through site folks….#123, and DOUBLE site. So not only do we have the length and width of 2 sites, but we have a partial ocean view from our large, front window.

In other words, we have one of the best views at the resort aside from the 8 or so waterfront cottages.

Completely unexpected. As Tom steered us in, we had only a few minor adjustments to fit in our perfectly situated “home”. Before leaving us, Tom made sure to tell us all about the rules and amenities of the resort. I don’t recall there being so many offerings when we made the reservation. But then again, our focus was on just being able to stay in The Keys, period.

I think this was the fastest set-up time ever. Get ‘er done and get to checkin’ out the resort. I can’t remember the last time we had to turn on the A/C. With 80 degrees and 60% humidity, it was time. We decided to leave Sadie back at the nice, cool trailer while we investigated the resort for just a bit. As we walked around, it just seemed to have something new around each turn. In fact, when we got to the pool area, we met a really nice couple (around our age) from Kansas City (sorry about the Super Bowl guys) who mentioned they choose this resort over all others because of the offered amenities. It’s like an all inclusive place. And there are a lot of repeat customers, so if you want to book for next year at this time, you better do it now. Here’s what this place offers:

1. Pool/Jacuzzi (yes they are open)

2. Waterfront cottages

3. Marina/Boat/Fishing area with kayak and paddle board rentals

4. Mini Dog Park

5. Restaurant/Bar (yes they’re open too) with Happy Hour

6. Laundry facilities

7. Horseshoes/Cornhole

8. Beach area with first come, first serve lounge chairs which we took advantage for just a bit

9. Amazing views from the Tiki Sunset point

You basically don’t even need to leave your site.

We noticed that the landscape was not quite what was pictured on their website but apparently, Hurricane Irma back in 2017, did quite a number on this section of The Keys. What used to be grass around each site, is now stark, white rock.

We went back to get Sadie, whipped up a little tropical concoction then headed for a section of beach that she could frolic in.

It had been a while since we’d been near a body of water that wasn’t alligator infested, though make no mistake, even though we were told there were none to be seen, I was on high alert anyway for Sadie's sake 😳🐊. Though there are no alligators in The Keys, there are crocodiles which tend to be bigger and probably more ferocious. Anyway, it turned out to be the perfect spot to watch the sunset, and a beautiful one at that.

But, we also wanted to check out the Tiki Sunset Point. (another dog friendly spot). Sadie met a few other canine friends as we enjoyed our sunset time while watching people celebrate their latest catch. One guy even caught a small shark which he ended up releasing (good man). It’s always fun checking out everyone’s rigs, but this place feels like you’re at an RV show. The majority are pricey, blingy Class A’s (motor homes) and fifth wheels, with some staying at some of the best real estate on the property. Jeff and I likened it to monopoly’s “Park Place” or “The Boardwalk”. It was here that we saw probably the biggest, longest, 5th wheel we’ve ever seen. Not only did it have a rear balcony, but a side balcony as well. Can’t imagine towing that behemoth of a trailer.

Time to empty a little bit of the freezer with tonight’s dinner selection being Trader Joe’s frozen dinners. If you’ve never tried their Indian food fare, you must. It’s actually very, very good. Jeff’s was a Chicken Tiki Masala with mine being the same except a vegetarian version. A little garlic naan and we were good to go.

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