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Finally, a Bath

~Tuesday, September 22, 2020~

Day 100 & a Happy First Day of Fall

You wouldn’t know it’s the first day of Fall since the temps have been in the low 90’s, but I am so ready for sweater weather which we already had a little bit of when we were in Montana. Today was a day of taking care of some errands, phone business and chores. For us, the poor truck had not been cleaned since Lake Jennings (around Day 31), so bathtime was in order. Hannah helped us find a DIY car wash with one requisite… must have one powerful, turbo suction vacuum to get up all of Sadie’s pet hair (it’s amazing she has any hair on her at all since it all seems to be embedded in the carpet and seating). Casey’s in San Marcos fit the bill. I think all in all, we spent about $30 between the vacuum and the wash which serves us right since we waited too long between cleanings. Been a little busy having fun I guess!

When we got back to the kid’s place, Jeff helped get dinner going while I finished up the inside of the truck, which took another hour. While Hannah and Devin did a little Door Dashing, we watched Carson then met for a great dinner of homemade fries and burgers.

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