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Extended Warranties-worth it or not?

~Tuesday, June 16, 2020~

Day 2

First thing on the to do list….give our neighbors a little space. Even though it was a pain to move just 2 feet, it was still good practice for us to go through the take down/setup process. Jeff was the director and I was behind the wheel, and what do you know….done! It’s amazing how much easier it is in the light. I will be honest, it still took about 2 hours just to move a few feet.

Now on with our day. Hannah and Carson came over midday. (Easton will be here Thursday from his dad’s). We walked on the beach, hung out for a few hours, then left for the grocery to shop for dinner. We had some mix-u

ps with getting on/off base. Hannah couldn’t get on base, so we had to wait for one of Hannah’s friends, who will be here tomorrow, to sponsor us to get a 30-day pass. Jeff and I filled our afternoon with little tasks like setting up, then a momentous occasion-taking a shower in our trailer for the first time. All good, and no leaks so everything must be connected right. It wasn’t bad in terms of water pressure and temperature, but a little challenging in the leg shaving department. Our trailer heats 7 gallons at a time which sounds very little, but I’m used to 5 minute showers. However, it might be a problem on my hair washing days. Jeff is the one that’s going to have to adjust with his usual 20-25 minute showers.

Spent about 30 minutes talking to Wholesale Warranties to dial in our RV extended warranty policy. We have done a lot of research and found this one to be the best in what they offer for the price. We shall see, but the reviews were outstanding. It came down to thinking about our year of full-time use which basically consolidates 4 years into 1 year. The first year is covered by Lance, so the justification in doing 7 years was how much the warranty cost us per year, and how much 1 visit to the repair shop might cost us. If the RV was in the shop for a few days + the cost of the repair, we’d still be ahead with the warranty. Decided on the 7-year, $100 deductible, exclusionary plan. Cost: $2,800.00. Exclusionary is key since they cover most everything with the exception of cosmetic items. Really looks bullet proof. They also threw in 1 year of Escapees and 2 years of a roadside assistance program with Road-America. It doesn’t hurt to overlap roadside coverages by the way. We had already purchased a 1-year plan of Coach-Net through Richardson’s, and we have minimal roadside coverage from Agero through our Progressive Insurance.

Now time for some fun. The kids arrived around 7:00 with groceries in hand. Jeff and Devin bbq’d hamburgers with Lump Charcoal. Tip: never use Lump Charcoal, which gets really hot, but really cold fast. Hannah does not bbq and neither do I, so I likely would have bought the wrong thing too. Devin picked up firewood so we had a nice fireside time talking about Devin’s hometown of Illinois, and their plans to move there. Devin also shared his career plans with ultimately joining the FBI, so we hope it all works out for him. It’s been great getting to know him more and seeing them as a family. And of course I’m soaking in all of the grandchild time too!!

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