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Evolving Landscapes

~Monday, September 26, 2022~

Day 834

Day 98 of Alaska Trip

Grabbed a cup of coffee, Jeff a hot chocolate, and our pups and we were off to what we thought was a short jaunt to Nairn Falls, right from our campground. Regrettably, I was attired in warm fleece, not prepared for the 1-½ miles to get there. That will teach me to not research the distance first. So I just had to suck it up.

It’s hard to imagine that over 150 million years ago, this area was near the shore of a vast ocean. The evolving upward movement of the earth’s crust, also crushed nearby volcanic islands against that shoreline, eventually changing it from a seashore landscape to mountainous. Water and glaciers have continued to transpose the landscape with the Green River carrying sand and gravel which has worn away the bedrock. Its evolution has given us a sweet gift of scenery today leaving quite a force of nature in its wake.

Once we got back to the campground, we took showers, had a light breakfast and headed out for another hike…this time the Riverside Trail off of the Sea-to-Sky Highway.

The 4.5-mile out and back hike starts out through an interpretive forest which describes much of the local forest and wildlife in the area.

Some of these trees go back to the 1700’s when they were just infants…..western hemlock, western red cedar and balsam trees.

Once we got out of the interpretive forest section we followed the Cheakamus River, sharing the trail with a few mountain bikers along the way. We even stumbled on a huge construction project in what appeared to be 2 condominium complexes, built right up to the trail which was a bit sad to see. It was quite surprising just how they were permitted to be so close to the river. When we finally arrived at the suspension bridge, Sadie got into her usual hunker down mode, a bit nervous about seeing the river under her paws. But it didn’t take long for her to get over her fear. On the opposite side of the bridge was a dedication to Don McLaurin, who, for decades, worked tirelessly in the valley to balance forestry and recreation, mapping and developing trails such as the one we were on. This would be our turn-around spot getting late in the day.

While in Whistler for the afternoon, we thought we’d do a little research on the stunning neighborhoods we had the pleasure of seeing. Well, for starters, the average home price is $2.1 million Canadian which puts it in line with Vail and Aspen home prices. What is it about those ski resort towns that seem to equate to $$$. But I guess if you’re an avid outdoorsman or outdoorswoman and you don’t mind the crowds and the high cost of living here, it may be just the place for you. The summer activities are just as good as the winter ones…..mountain biking is huge here, hiking, river rafting, horseback riding and of course those gondola rides. You’d also have the privilege of meeting a diverse group of people with the draw of tourists from all over the world.

We stopped at the equivalent to our old Vallergas grocery store in Napa, called Creekside Market. I was going ga ga over the produce and fresh fish, to which my hubby reeled me in once he saw a can of refried beans for $4.99. Good thing he went with me I guess. I was, however, able to find my Silly Cow chocolate powder for even less than it would be at home. Score!!

In the evening, Jeff was so sweet to tolerate my 2-½ hour long phone call with my bestie Michele (we hadn’t talked in a very long time)......and even made a delicious taco dinner with a gorgeous fire to match!! Thanks honey 😍😘.

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