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Laundry Dilemmas

~Friday, September 30, 2022~

Day 838

Day 102 of Alaska Trip

We made a last minute decision to stay one more day in Whistler to take care of a few small tasks before heading to Washington. In order for us to have a little more playtime in the Whistler/Blackcomb Villages yesterday, we had to postpone our laundry duties by a day. Since the laundromat in the town of Pemberton is only 5 minutes from our campsite, it made complete sense to get ‘er done there. And did we have a lot! Everything was going pretty smoothly until one of the machines ate our money without producing. We tried phoning the owners about the error message that was being displayed on the machine, but no answer. It’s times like this I can’t wait to have my own washer/dryer again. Not willing to give up $4, I gave it the “Fonzi” move (I guess I don’t have quite the touch he did), but then I remembered that front loading machines can be sort of finicky when it comes to the door being fully closed. What do you know… worked. That’s all it was? And all that fussin’ for nothin’. But at least we have a fresh, clean start before moving on to our next destination.

The extra day also allowed us to figure out our lodging plans for the next few weeks. Having not used our Harvest Host membership in a while, we filled out an online request for a stay at one just outside the Northern Cascades area. Harvest Host is a membership program that allows self-contained RV’ers the opportunity to stay at establishments such as wineries, golf courses, breweries, farms, etc.) for free. And just like that, our request was accepted. Staying at Eagle Haven Winery in the town of Sedro-Woolley, WA (about an hour west of Cascade National Park) will be a great first night back in the Lower 48. And our timing couldn’t have been more perfect as they’re also hosting a Fall Festival with live music, food trucks, farm tours and pumpkin painting. They even have a Sunday market! Sounds like it will be a great time.

Eager for some cardio later in the day, we did a short 2-mile hike right from our campsite that runs along the Green River (the same river we posted about on our hike to Nairn Falls). Being a multi-use trail, we had to pull over for a few mountain bikers, but quiet otherwise. Since it was close to dark, we couldn’t do the whole 4-mile trip. But it felt good to get the heart pumping and an outing that the 3 of us could do together.

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