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Everyone From Everywhere

~Wednesday, February 8, 2023~

Day 970

One thing we’ve noticed about camping in Florida, especially this time of year, is the variety of tourists. Everyone is from everywhere (according to their license plates) and yes, there are Floridians occupying these desirable campgrounds too. But, it seems there’s no other state that draws from every region of the country quite like Florida. Our last campground in Louisiana, all Louisianans. We were clearly outnumbered. Coincidentally, our camping neighbors on either side of us are from Illinois. Of course we had to put our plug-in with the fact our daughter lives there too. And while we’re on the subject of license plates, did you know that Florida is right behind Texas and Louisiana in specialty license plates? Texas and Louisiana have over 300 each and Florida, 125. Surprisingly, California only has about 13; not quite what I’d expect for its size. Nothing like a little breakfast trivia to start the day.

The weather’s gradually warming up but it looks like we’re in for a bout of rain and lightning tomorrow. So we made sure to get to the

beach a little earlier today even though it was quite windy. There was a red flag warning (the worst is a double red flag) which indicates rip currents are quite active. Double indicates the closure of all water activities. We didn’t see one person, nor one boat out there today.

We stayed until sunset where the sun had just a moment of showing itself right before it sunk behind the clouds, just above the horizon. It still made for great photos.

You’ll have to pardon us for not having much to report from our stay here at Santa Rosa Beach, but we’re trying to enjoy a little more downtime while we can. Other than license plates, weather and sunsets, I only have dinner to talk about. Falafels. I’ve mentioned these before, but it truly is one of our favorite, easy meals while on the road. It’s one of those meals where I don’t feel guilty eating 3 instead of 2

because it’s mostly vegetables and oh so healthy, well, except for the fried falafel part which is just mashed chickpeas. Deelicious!!! If you need some tips in how to make this easy meal, we’d be happy to share!

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