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Don't Travel Hungry

~Thursday, July 16, 2020~

Day 32-(Travel Day)

We started the day immediately, with breaking down camp, but lesson learned, always eat a little something before hitting the road. It took about 4 hours total to break everything down, including the time we spent yesterday dumping the gray/black tanks. Jennings Lake was a great stop, but we are definitely ready to move on. We arrived at Richardson’s RV at 12:00 and had to wait just a bit to meet with Steven and review the list of items that we want repaired under the warranty. The list seems long, but the reality is EVERY new rig has something that either needs fixing, adjusting or replacing. It can’t be helped. Understanding this only eases the frustration later. And I’m sure more things will come up, thus the extended warranty. The list…….

  1. broken shelf in bedroom

  2. adjustments to shelves above desk

  3. leak in shower

  4. gasket coming loose in refrigerator

  5. USB ports don’t seem to be working so they’re replacing all of them

  6. and we had a little rubber at the bottom of our dinette windows, melting one day, which kept them from opening.

The timing of getting this done is perfect because we can stay with Hannah and Devin in San Marcos, and Easton is here thru Sunday.

Jeff drove the remainder of the trip to Hannah and Devin’s where we arrived around 4:00, and had a great time hanging out with Carson and Easton too. We played blocks, built towers, pretended we were going through a car wash and read stories. Hannah made a delicious dinner from her Instapot...rice and chicken. Looking forward to another day of being together tomorrow.

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